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Sep 1, 2023

by Irene L. and Alyssa M.

While many of us drink coffee downstairs after the service, and by default call it “coffee hour,” the primary purpose of gathering together after liturgy is to break the fast and enjoy fellowship together. We prefer to call this time “fellowship hour”!

In order for fellowship hour to function, we currently use a model of inviting everyone in the parish to share in the service of hosting according to a schedule based on your family’s last name. When we each participate in this part of our communal life, we have the opportunity to serve and get to know our brothers and sisters.

Starting in September, we are updating the groups by last name in the following way:

1st Sunday: A-D
2nd Sunday: E-K
3rd Sunday: L-O
4th Sunday: P-Z
5th Sunday: Church-wide

On the Sunday you're assigned to, please consider offering a dish, snack, or drink; or perhaps helping to set up the coffee for brewing, serving food, or wiping tables, and taking out the trash. It is understandable that not everyone has the time or resources, and some will be out of town on a given Sunday. Still, all are welcome to join and share in the fellowship. (NOTE: If you’re new among us, you shouldn’t lift a finger! You are our guest!)

We will be setting up new Realm communication groups for each Fellowship Hour group to enhance communication. There will also be a “captain” for each group. Stay tuned for more information in the announcements after liturgy. If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to Alyssa M. or Irene L.