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Rev. Fr. David G. Subu Speaks on the Gospel
 "Now go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say." -Exodus 4:12
"A sermon, like a movie, is never truly finished, just abandoned." -Fr. David cf. George Lucas

(PLEASE NOTE:  Sermons are recorded on video. If you do not want to be in view of the camera, please do not sit in the first three rows of the pews. Thank you.)


June 1, 2014-"In Due Power from On High" (18min35sec)  WATCH HERE
May 25, 2014-"Once Blind, I Now See"  (10min47sec)  WATCH HERE
May 18, 2014-"Are You A Christian?"  (24min38sec)  WATCH HERE
May 11, 2014-"On the Edge of Wellness" (9min32sec)  WATCH HERE
April 27, 2014-"On The Steps of the Temple"  (21min20sec)  WATCH HERE
April 13, 2013-"Palm Sunday
"  (23min28sec)  WATCH HERE
April 6, 2014-"Christ the High Priest" (21min44sec)  WATCH HERE
March 30, 2014-"3 Things God Cannot Do"  (12min25sec)  WATCH HERE
March 23, 2014-"Christ in His Perfect Humanity"  (12min41sec)  WATCH HERE
March 16, 2014-"On Fasting"  (16min58sec) WATCH HERE
March 9, 2014-"People Who Remember"  (17min32sec)  WATCH HERE
February 23, 2014-"Charitable Acts Must Be Personal
"  (17min)  WATCH HERE
February 16, 2014-"The Prodigal Son" (15min16sec) WATCH HERE


"What is Doxacon? In interview with Fr. David Subu and Daniel Silver"  LISTEN HERE

"Internet Pornography" by Rev. Fr. David G. Subu   LISTEN HERE
(To read "Sinaholics Sermon Series", as mentioned in the podcast, please


The Top 5 "Hits"
Sermons that received the most views on You-Tube

July 10, 2011- "The Gospel According to Harry Potter" 
Father David's analysis of the final installment of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  
Watch Here
December 4, 2011- "Great Martyr Barbara and Fatherhood"  Watch Here 

February 26, 2012-Forgiveness Sunday: "Letting Go of Resentment"  Watch Here

July 8, 2012-"We are ALL Sinners"  Watch Here

November 20, 2011-"Hoarding"   Watch Here 

Below is a sampling of past sermons for your reflection:

June 30, 2013-"What Does The Bible Say About Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage?"  (23min 04sec)

February 24, 2013-"Misconduct in the Church" (13min33sec)  Watch Here

February 17, 2013-"Purpose of House Blessings" (12min51sec)  Watch Here

January 13, 2013-"What is the Body of Christ?" (17min57sec)  Watch Here

November 25, 2012- "Why Do We Have the Church?" (8min25sec)  Watch Here  

November 4, 2012-"How Do We Approach Moral Issues?"  Watch Here  (10min 11sec)

September 9, 2012-Protodeacon Peter speaks on "The Cross"  Watch Here

October 9, 2011- "Get to Church on Time!"  Watch Here
"The Samurai Sermon"
"Pelagia the Penitent"
"The Human Composite"
"The Politically Incorrect Jesus"


Welcome to St. Mary Orthodox Church

Protection of the Holy Mother of God Orthodox Church (St. Mary), is a community of the Orthodox Church in America, an English-language parish of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, that meets in Falls Church, VA.  Our congregation is a mix of cradle, convert, and "re-vert" worshippers, coming from all different walks of life and backgrounds. In other words, we are a great American "melting pot" of Orthodoxy!

Our Mission:
To share the light and the joy of Christian Orthodoxy in Northern Virginia, to educate the faithful and newcomers in the Faith and its teachings and traditions, making them accessible to all, and to practice hospitality and community building in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

"Celebrating over 25 Years of Truth, Tradition and Hospitality in Northern Virginia"
We invite you to join Rev. Father David Subu, Protodeacon Peter Danilchick and our entire community to share the fullness of faith with our friends and neighbors. Please join us for worship and fellowship. If you know someone who may be seeking an English-Service focused Orthodox community, please tell him or her about us!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct 04, 2014
Annual Dinner Dance & Silent Auction

RESERVATIONS DUE SEPTEMBER 21! For our biggest event of the year, we are going "Back to the 1980s" to together our community, family and...
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Sunday, Sep 21, 2014
Young in Faith-Being A Welcoming Parish

5:00 the Liu home--New to Orthodoxy? Returning to our faith? This fellowship group is for anyone who is young (self-defined!), new to...
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Sunday, Sep 21, 2014
DOXACON planning meeting

11:45 a.m.-- Love science-fiction/fantasy? Then join us to plan Doxacon 2015--Where Faith & Truth Meet Science-Fiction & Fantasy. All are...
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