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May 11, 2022

The new library ministry, run by Ileana C. and Fr. David, has been doing incredible work to get the humble parish library into better and better shape. Here are a few articles from the May edition of The Veil detailing those updates.

St. Mary’s Library Joins the 21st Century with a New Online Library Catalogue System

Those of you who have been in St. Mary’s library in the last few weeks may have noticed that there are new instructions on how to check out items from St. Mary’s’ library. St. Mary’s has transitioned from a paper catalogue system to an online catalogue system that will allow you to check out books using your phone or computer. Below are instructions on how to check out (and check in) library items using the new online system. If anyone has any questions, please contact Ileana C.

How To Check Out Library Items

  1. After selecting the library item you wish to check
    out, go to and search for the book
    that you would like to check out.
  2. Click on the green Check Out button.
  3. Click on the button with your name (organized by first name and first initial of last name).
  4. Click on the blue Check Out button.
  5. Click on the OK button.

You have now checked out your library item to enjoy for two weeks, and will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you would like to keep your library item for another two weeks, you can renew it.

How To Check In Library Items

Simply return the library item to the Returns box in the library. The item will be re-shelved and checked back in online within a week.

      April Clearance Book Sale Earns Library Over $1000

      Thank you, St. Mary bibliophiles! From April 3-10, St. Mary’s ran a massive library duplicate book sale as part of its normal gift shop sales. During that time period, the gift shop accrued more than $1000. Many thanks to all the bibliophiles at St. Mary’s for all the revenue that was generated from this sale! Please stay tuned for further updates on the library front from Ileana C.